nShield Remote Administration

nShield Remote Administration saves you time and money by letting you manage your off-site HSMs from your office location

nShield Remote Administration

nShield HSMs often run in physically secure, lights-out data centers in locations distant from the people who manage them. Many organizations find it impractical to gain access to their remote HSMs for routine management tasks. Remote Administration lets you manage your HSMs—including adding applications, upgrading firmware, checking status, and more—from your location, whenever you choose. This means less travel to data centers, helping you cut costs and optimize your resources.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate visits to data centers for HSM management, saving money and travel time and reducing staff downtime.

Gain Flexibility

Administer your distantly-located nShield HSMs from the convenience of your office, 24 x 7.

Wide Management Capabilities

Perform a wide variety of functions via the remote presentation of nShield smart cards including upgrading firmware, checking HSM status, running utilities and more.

nShield Remote Administration Compatibility and Prerequisites
  • nShield Solo PCIe and Connect HSMs
  • Remote Administration Client software is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X
  • nShield v12.00 and above software and 2.61.2 and above firmware.
  • Customer-supplied LAN or VPN and remote access solution.
Remote Administration Kits

Remote Administration Kits contain the elements that enable Remote Administration on nShield HSMs. The kits contain one or more Trusted Verification Devices (TVDs) (secure smart card readers), Remote Administration Cards (smart cards), and Remote Administration Client software and a license. Kits are sized and priced by tiers based on the number of HSMs in the estate.

Remote Administration Kits

FIPS certifications

Both the firmware supporting Remote Administration and the Remote Administration Cards are FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified.

Data Sheet : CipherTrust Monitor Data Sheet

CipherTrust Monitor is a tool that lets you monitor, 24x7 and in one centralized location, all your Thales HSMs.


Data Sheet : nShield Connect HSM

nShield Connect HSMs are certified, networked appliances that deliver cryptographic key services to applications distributed across servers and virtual machines.


Data Sheet : nShield Solo HSM

nShield Solo HSMs are certified PCI-e card-based solutions that deliver cryptographic key services to applications hosted on individual servers and appliances.


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