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Thales eSecurity offers a proven alternative and a simplified migration process to help keep your data secure

RSA DPM Replacement

RSA has announced end of product support (EOPS) for RSA Data Protection Manager, as outlined in its notification. This impacts the following products:

  • RSA Data Protection Manager Appliance
  • RSA DPM Key Client
  • RSA DPM Token Client

The Vormetric Data Security Manager from Thales eSecurity offers a proven alternative for RSA DPM customers.

Maintaining a Secure and Compliant Posture

As RSA DPM end of support dates transpire, customer data may be unsecured and out of compliance with regulatory mandates around encryption and tokenization.

Increased Exposure to Cyber Threats

In the absence of security updates and patches, RSA DPM customers will face increasing exposure to threats, particularly any designed to specifically target the unsupported DPM platform.

Cumbersome Migration Process

Migrating to a new security platform can be a daunting task, especially where knowledge of the legacy product may be lacking due to normal attrition.

  • RSA - Thales Product Mapping

    The Vormetric Data Security platform offers the same features and functionality that you have enjoyed with RSA DPM – as well as many others. Keep reading for the product to product comparison.

    RSA - Vormetric Product Mapping

    Vormetric Data Security Platform key attributes

    • Key Management:
      • FIPS 140-2 Level 2 and Level 3 validated hardware options
      • FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Virtual Appliance
      • Common Criteria validation
    • Supports separation of duties and key life cycle management
    • NIST approved encryption keys (AES 256, DES, RSA supported)
    • Format preserving encryption (FPE) and Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking
    • Enterprise ready (scale, performance and deployment)
    • Keys can be imported from any outside source
    • Key Manager supports multi-tenancy for data across borders, cloud deployments, business unit isolation
    • Leverage Vormetric’s Data Security Platform for future security requirements & evolving mandates
  • Feature Comparisons

    We make your migration from RSA DPM to the Vormetric Data Security platform easy. Read below for a feature by feature comparison of the platforms.

    Key Management | Application Encryption | Tokenization

    Key Management

    Features comparison between RSA & Vormetric

    Features RSA DPM Vormetric Platform
    Management Console Yes Yes
    Secure Management of Keys Yes Yes
    KMIP Enabled Yes Yes

    Read more about Vormetric Key Management

    Application Encryption

    Key Management

    Features RSA DPM Vormetric Platform
    PKCS #11 Yes Yes
    Application Encryption Yes Yes
    Format Preserving Encryption No Yes
    C, C#, Java APIs for Key Management Yes Yes
    Secure Management of Keys Yes Yes

    Read more about Vormetric Application Encryption



    Features RSA DPM Vormetric Platform
    Tokenization REST API No Yes
    Tokenization Client Required Yes Yes
    Vaulted Tokenization Yes Yes
    Vaultless Tokenization No Yes
    Management Console Yes Yes
    AD Integration Yes Yes

    Read more about Vormetric Tokenization

  • Additional Product Capabilities with Thales

    Additional Platform Capabilities Not Available in RSA DPM

    You’ve learned about product mapping and also about the feature on feature comparison between RSA DPM and the Vormetric Data Security platform. Moving to Vormetric makes good sense not just because there is parity from a feature perspective. Click below to learn about the additional capabilities you’ll get with Vormetric that were not an option with RSA DPM.

    Vormetric Transparent Encryption | Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway

    Transparent Encryption Delivers

    Vormetric Transparent Encryption enables data-at-rest encryption, privileged user access control and the collection of security intelligence logs without re-engineering applications, databases or infrastructure. The deployment of our data-at-rest encryption software is simple, scalable and fast. Vormetric Transparent Encryption Agents are installed above the file system on servers or virtual machines to enforce data security and compliance policies.

    Vormetric Transparent Encryption Attributes

    • Strong, High-performance, Encryption
    • No Changes to Databases
    • No Changes to Applications
    • Easy SIEM Integration
    • Privileged User Access Control
    • Linux, UNIX, Windows Support
    • Automated and Orchestrated Deployment
    • Automated Key Management

    Cloud Encryption Gateway Delivers

    With the Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway, organizations can safeguard files in cloud storage environments, including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Box and Caringo. The Cloud Encryption Gateway encrypts sensitive data before it is saved to the cloud storage environment, enabling security teams to establish the visibility and control they need around sensitive assets. It delivers the following features not available with RSA DPM:

    Vormetric Cloud Encryption Gateway Attributes

    • On-premises Encryption and Key Management
    • Access Control and Visibility of Cloud Storage Solutions
    • Create Secure and Compliant Collaboration
  • Typical Migration Path

    To make the move from RSA DPM to Thales’ Vormetic Data Security Platform takes planning and we’ll be with you every step of the way from initial scoping to whiteboarding, to actually doing the migration.

    We offer a unique, phased approach that is unavailable with any other vendor. Instead of a disruptive rip-and-replace process, our solution elegantly migrates your encryption keys while leaving critical data intact, and allows your coding teams to remain focused on their day-to-day demands.

    Watch our video overview or contact us to learn more.

Continued Compliance

By moving your data to the Thales eSecurity DSM, you will ensure that it remains in compliance with regulatory requirements around data encryption and tokenization.

Extensive Expertise

The Thales eSecurity team offers extensive expertise in encryption, tokenization and data protection strategies.

Enhanced Data Protection Capabilities

The Vormetric Data Security Manager provides a range of features similar to those offered by RSA DPM. Additional components of the Vormetric Data Security Platform, specifically Vormetric Application Encryption and Vormetric Tokenization with Dynamic Data Masking, provide an easy migration path from RSA DPM Key Client and Token Client, respectively. And the Vormetric Data Security Platform offers features not available with RSA DPM. For example, Vormetric Transparent Encryption enables data-at-rest encryption, privileged user access control and the collection of security intelligence logs without re-engineering applications, databases or infrastructure.

Case Studies : Global Airline Upgrades to Thales

Air carrier enjoys a smooth migration from the unsupported RSA DPM environment to Thales’s Vormetric Data Security Platform, taking advantage of numerous performance upgrades along the way. Download the case study to learn more.


Video : RSA DPM Fast-Track Migration

Thales’s fast track RSA DPM migration allows current users to systematically and elegantly phase RSA DPM out of their environment, while securely moving encryption keys to an advanced data security platform and maintaining a compliant security posture. Instead of a disruptive rip-and-replace approach, we offer a phased migration that requires zero effort from your application coding teams.


Integration Guides : RSA DPM Migration Guide

Download our RSA DPM Migration Guide to learn how Thales can simplify and accelerate your migration to an advanced data security platform that is trusted by organizations around the world.

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